Margaret Guilfoyle Network

About the Network

The Margaret Guilfoyle Network brings together like-minded women from around Australia to offer them a unique professional network to learn, engage and connect.

Working alongside the Liberal Party, and other Liberal women’s groups and networks, the Margaret Guilfoyle Network is uniquely placed to upskill its subscribers, provide exclusive opportunities for professional connections and development, and give them introductions to other like-minded Liberal women.

Named in honour of Dame Margaret Guilfoyle, the first female Cabinet Minister with a portfolio in the Federal Government, our network embodies her pioneering spirit and commitment to service.

Our aim is simple yet ambitious: to unite and elevate Liberal women from all corners of Australia, creating a formidable network of skills, experiences, and aspirations and opportunities.

By being a part of the Margaret Guilfoyle Network, you can help to hone your own skills, share your experiences and ideas, engage in unique learning opportunities, or help to mentor the next generation of future Liberal leaders.

During our founding year, we will provide new professional development sessions, scholarship opportunities and subscriber-only events around Australia.

Engagement in the political sphere can be so rewarding both professionally and personally. The Margaret Guilfoyle Network provides Liberal minded women a place where they can both contribute to the political debate and benefit from association with others who are involved directly and indirectly.

Senator the Hon. Jane Hume

Join the Network

As a part of the Margaret Guilfoyle Network, supporters gain access to a number of exclusive benefits and rewards, including the ability to connect them directly with other supporters.

Whether you seek to enhance your skills, share your seasoned insights, or foster the next generation of Liberal leaders through mentorship, our network is your gateway.

Some of the benefits of becoming a supporter include:

  • Scholarships
  • Domestic and International Exchanges
  • Creating Connections
  • Professional Development
  • Internships
  • Exclusive events

Being a Supporter

Supporters will pay a subscription to join and be part of the Network. Supporters are broken into three categories:


Supporters get all of the benefits regardless of the level of their subscription.


Associates and patrons choose to provide additional support to the Network, either financially or in kind.


Patron’s provide the levels of support that ensures the Network is sustainable into the future for all subscribers. Patron’s are committed to the Network’s mission of developing the next generation of female leaders by supporting their peers and empowering others.

The Network is focused on keeping supporters connected to at all stages of their career. This is why supporters who nominate for maternity leave will have their fees waived for twelve months. This includes parents who take leave for adoption.

Join the MGN