Hollie Hughes is a Liberal Senator for NSW. Hollie is a passionate advocate for rural and regional NSW, having led campaigns to improve transport options and health services for the bush.

Hollie also founded the Country Autism Network, an organisation she currently chairs.

Hollie is working hard in NSW to support jobs, growth and investment.

A free COVID-19 vaccine will be available progressively throughout 2021 in Australia commencing in January, if promising trials prove successful, following a $1.7 billion supply & production agreement between the Australian Government & pharmaceutical companies. FULL DETAILS:

Sep 07

“Australians will gain free access to a COVID-19 vaccine in 2021 if trials prove successful.” - Scott Morrison (ScoMo)

Sep 07

#LIVE: Press conference from Parliament House, Canberra

Sep 07

First time I’ve had my parents over to my place during COVID. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads across NSW!

Sep 06