Andrew Bragg is a Liberal Senator for New South Wales.

Prior to his election to Federal Parliament in 2019, Andrew was an author and
accountant. Andrew started his career as an accountant at Ernst & Young and went on
to work in senior roles at the Financial Services Council and the Business Council of

His 2017 short book Fit for Service (Connor Court) offers a framework for 21st century
trade policy for Australia.

Andrew was the National Director of the 2017 Liberals & Nationals for Yes campaign in
support of same sex marriage which delivered Yes majorities in 71 of 76 Coalition

Following Andrew’s election to the Senate, he was elected Chair of the Senate Select
Committee into FinTech and RegTech and is a member of the Senate Economics
Committee and Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services.

In June 2020, Andrew launched his book, Bad Egg: How To Fix Super.
In May 2021 he launched his latest book, Buraadja: The Liberal Case for National Reconciliation.

Andrew was educated at the Australian National University (ANU) where he studied
international relations and accounting.