Territory Labor has cut funding to Katherine Women’s Information and Legal Services (KWILS) and they have the audacity to attempt to blame the Federal Government for Michael Gunner’s own cuts to KWILS funding.

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, today exposed the Gunner Labor Government’s poorly executed attempt to distract from the Wayne Kurnoth scandal by spreading false claims about a Commonwealth funding cut to KWILS.

Territory Labor needs to tell Territorians the truth, There are no Commonwealth funding cuts to KWILS.

Through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS), the Coalition Government is maintaining and growing funding to KWILS for its Indigenous Women’s and Supplementary Legal Assistance services, including providing an additional $293,704 through to 30 June 2020.

KWILS has also received over $600,000 in Commonwealth funding through the National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services. However, the allocation of funding to KWILS under this agreement is a matter for the Northern Territory Government.

This is yet another Labor Lie from a party desperate to distract from their decision to pick Wayne Kurnoth as a candidate on their Senate ticket, a man who has promoted posts depicting violence against women and anti-Semitic hate speech on his social media accounts.

Despite Mr Kurnoth’s admission and resignation from the Labor Party, Labor has kept him on their ‘How to Vote’ cards and continue to encourage voters to vote for Mr Kurnoth in the Northern Territory

Labor need to explain why they are encouraging Territorians to vote for a man who has posted images depicting violence against women and anti-Semitism, or dis-endorse him.

It is obvious that the Territory Labor campaign is in total chaos, so much so that they have resorting to telling baseless lies to distract from their own failures and horrendous judgment calls.

Territory Labor always put Territorians last, so it’s time Territorians put Labor last.