The latest CommSec report confirms that Territory Labor is presiding over the worst economy in Australia due to their anti-business, anti-investment and anti-jobs agenda and their inability to manage the budget.

The report show that under Michael Gunner’s mismanagement, the Northern Territory is lagging the nation on nearly every single economic indicator. Last on 6 indicators and 2nd last on the remaining two. The indicators where the Territory was ranked last were:

  • worst performing on retail spending
  • worst performing on population growth
  • worst performing on housing finance
  • worst performing on equipment purchases
  • worst performing on construction work
  • worst performing on dwelling starts

This is an appalling indictment on the worst performing Territory government since self-government.

The Gunner Labor Government has demonstrated what happens when you vote Labor.

You get a weaker economy, less investment, lower economic growth, an unsafe community and we miss out on vital essential services.

While Territory Labor was busy pre-selecting unsavoury characters like Wayne Kurnoth who has promoted content depicting violence against women and anti-Semitic hate speech on his social media accounts, they weren’t looking after the interests of Territorians.

Territorians deserve better.