Media Release

Senate condemns Gillard Labor Government over military superannuation failures

The Coalition has today successfully moved a motion in the Senate condemning the Gillard Labor Government for failing to provide fair indexation for Australia’s 57,000 military superannuants.

Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Senator the Hon. Michael Ronaldson, said the motion’s passage through the Senate must now be followed by real action on Fair Indexation.

“Today the Senate has said enough is enough”, Senator Ronaldson said.  “The Gillard Labor Government has been rightly condemned for its misrepresentation of the annual average DFRDB military pension and its ongoing and stubborn refusal to give our veterans a fair go.”

The motion which today passed the Senate said:

That the Senate:

a)      notes that the average annual DFRDB military superannuation pension in 2011-12 was $24,603;

b)      condemns the Gillard Labor Government for Its ongoing and stubborn refusal to grant 57,000 Australian military superannuants and their families a fair go;

c)       denounces the Labor Party for misleading veterans before the 2007 election into believing that Labor would actually deliver fair indexation, a point highlighted by Senator Lundy and Minister Kelly in their letter to former finance minister Tanner of 14 September 2009; and

d)      criticises the Government for its ongoing failure to schedule a time for the Senate to consider the Veterans’ Affairs Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 and thus denying the Senate the opportunity to debate and vote on the Coalition’s amendments to provide fair indexation for these men and women who have served their nation.

“Today’s motion won’t of itself lift pensions, but it is a powerful vote of confidence for fair indexation and a powerful vote of no confidence in the Gillard Labor Government.”

“Labor must now stop delaying the consideration of the Veterans’ Affairs Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, where the Coalition has proposed Fair Indexation amendments, and finally live up to its 2007 pre-election position of supporting Fair Indexation.”

“The Australian Greens are also on notice.  Having now supported the Coalition’s motion we expect them to support our Fair Indexation amendments to the legislation.  It would be completely hypocritical for them to not do so, and any such failure would quite rightly be roundly condemned by the veteran community.”

“The Coalition’s stance is consistent – we will deliver Fair Indexation.  If the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens won’t take action between now and the election to do this, then the only way fair indexation will be delivered is with a change of government.”