Media Release

Coalition Will Repeal Carbon Tax and Welcomes Carbon Farming Progress as Example of Direct Action

The pressure on higher electricity prices through the Carbon Tax will be removed, if the Coalition is elected.

We will honour our commitment to scrap the Carbon Tax.

We will keep that promise with the Australian people and make it the first order of business, if elected at the next election.

The Prime Minister’s claim today that the Coalition will only ‘fiddle’ with the Carbon Tax, only reconfirms that she can’t be trusted on this issue.

It was the Prime Minister who misled the community before the last election by saying, ‘There will be no Carbon Tax under the Government I lead.”

Unlike the Prime Minister who then abandoned that promise, we will hold true to our word.

We will remove the Carbon Tax and address climate change through a range of measures which will reduce Australia’s emissions and provide a wider environmental benefit.

For this reason, I today congratulate the Government for approving a project for planting trees on marginal farming land in Western Victoria under the Carbon Farming Initiative.

We encourage the government to approve further projects as the farming industry is very keen to be involved and have been frustrated by delays.

The sequestration of carbon, particularly on marginal land, is part of the Coalition’s policy to both reduce the country’s emissions but also improve the local environment and the land.

It is a positive approach, instead of a Carbon Tax which drives up electricity and gas prices, making it tougher for Australian businesses to compete and driving jobs overseas at the expense of Australian workers.