Media Release

There's One Way to Cut Electricity Prices Now: Scrap the Carbon Tax

There is one simple way to take the pressure off electricity prices – scrap the Carbon Tax.

If Labor Backbenchers are genuinely concerned about increasing power bills, they should demand the Prime Minister drop the Carbon Tax which she said she would never introduce in the first place.

Labor is continuing to point the finger at everyone else for electricity price rises but is failing to acknowledge that impact of the Carbon Tax which has driven up prices across the country.

The Carbon Tax drove up electricity and gas prices to their highest single quarter rise.

Electricity prices have seen a 15.3% rise with household gas and miscellaneous fuels seeing a 14.2% rise.

Under five years of Labor, electricity prices have risen a staggering 89%.

Adding a Carbon Tax is making a bad situation much, much worse.

The Coalition is committed to scrapping the Carbon Tax.

We encourage Australian households to send the Government a message at the next election, that they can’t afford the Carbon Tax adding to the cost of their electricity and gas bills.