Kerrynne Liddle is a highly experienced professional, having worked as a senior business leader, small business owner and journalist.

Kerrynne’s extensive professional and life-experience has led to her success in key sectors including in the tourism, energy, media, tertiary education, arts, social housing and indigenous affairs sectors. During her career, she has managed multi-million dollar budgets for major international companies as well as owned and run a small business.

She has also served on a number of boards, including Indigenous Business Australia, the Adelaide University Council, Aboriginal Hostels Limited, the Council of the University of South Australia and the SA Housing Trust.

Kerrynne is focused is on advancing South Australia’s and protecting Australia’s interests and using her experience to ensure taxpayer’s money is delivered where it’s most effective.

As a member of the South Australian Liberal Senate Team, she will pursue jobs and business growth in South Australia, seek greater investment in the regions and work to ensure improvements in service delivery to benefit those that need it most.