Stop Labor’s Housing Tax

Labor’s Housing Tax will hit home values, increase rents and hurt our economy.

With the property market softening, now is a very bad time for Labor’s higher taxes.

1.3 million Australians use negative gearing for an investment home. Around two thirds have taxable incomes less than $80,000 a year.

Labor’s negative gearing changes and higher capital gains tax will hurt mum and dad investors. With property values already declining, Labor’s changes will lower values for all home owners.

Labor can’t manage money, so they come after yours. Their hundreds of billions of dollars in higher taxes will hit retirees, workers, family businesses, electricity and housing.

Independent analysis by the Masters Builders Association shows Labor’s higher taxes would lead to less building and investment and fewer jobs.

Only the Liberals and Nationals will stop Labor’s Housing Tax.

Sign our petition and tell Labor now is not the time for risky and damaging new taxes on housing.

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