Kristy McSweeney is the local Liberal candidate for Swan.

Kristy grew up in country WA and moved to Victoria Park when she was a teenager. One of her first jobs was at the now Balmoral Hotel in Victoria Park, working at night while she studied journalism at university.

Her family has a strong history in the Swan area as pioneers of WA’s racing industry. Her father was an original FIFO dad, working offshore, like so many other local parents.

Kristy understands the value of hard work and sacrifice, with her parents working hard to make sure she had every opportunity to study, grow a business and succeed.

Kristy has worked as a journalist and media commentator, talking about issues that affect WA families. She is uniquely placed to understand the challenges facing many small businesses, having started her own small business and grown it into a leading public affairs firm. Kristy has also worked for Cabinet Ministers and Premiers, helping to deliver real outcomes for WA.

Kristy is putting her hand up to fight for the Swan community to ensure it remains one of the best places for people to live, raise a family or run a small business.

Steve Irons has worked tirelessly for the Swan community and Western Australia for more than a decade. Kristy will continue Steve’s hard work and use her skills and experience to get things done in Canberra, to create a bright future for Swan.