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Fiona Kotvojs has strong ties to Eden-Monaro.

Born in Bega, Fiona lives with her husband Alan on the family farm in Dignams Creek, where they raise cattle and grow truffles.

Fiona has always had a passion for serving the community.

Fiona Kotvojs spent eight years in the Army Reserve and over a decade volunteering as Lifeline counsellor. She’s a Director of Oxfam and active in her local Church.

For more than a decade, she has been a volunteer for the Rural Fire Service.

In January, fires tore through her property and she had to fight to save her home. She has since been an advocate for bushfire affected farmers and small businesses.

Fiona knows what her community is going through. She will be a strong voice within the Government as they work to rebuild communities and our economy.

Fiona Kotvojs began her career as a high school teacher. She has a doctorate in education, a Master of Business Administration, Master of Evaluation and a Science degree.

Fiona has strong environmental credentials, including preparation of an award-winning environmental impact statement and award-winning research into marine science.

Fiona has experience running two small businesses, and has also worked on disaster recovery in developing nations.

Fiona knows how to work hard and get results. She has spent her career solving problems. She would bring these diverse skills to the government and get results for Eden-Monaro.

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Victoria is of grave concern. After speaking to Premier Dan Andrews yesterday, I have agreed to send 800 more support staff there to help combat the jump in cases. They’ll help with testing, contact tracing, community engagement and door knocking. We can leave no stone unturned and no resource unapplied when it comes to this virus. We’ve seen how quickly and easily it spreads and we stand united in our fight against it. I also urge Victorians, and all Australians, to continue following the health advice. That is: 1️⃣ Practice good hygiene - wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. 2️⃣ Maintain physical distancing - stay 1.5m away from other people, wherever possible. 3️⃣ If you’re even slightly sick, stay at home and if you have any symptoms at all, no matter how mild, get tested.

Jun 30

Quick summary of our push to create thousands more infrastructure jobs under our JobMaker plan.

Jun 29

#LIVE: Unlocking thousands of infrastructure jobs in NSW.

Jun 29

Fiona Kotvojs has strong local credentials and, if elected, will be a strong voice in Government getting things done for Eden-Monaro.

Jun 28