Another day and another embarrassing blunder from Bill Shorten, this time demonstrating that he has no grasp of basic economics.

Today at his press conference the Leader of the Opposition said “everything is going up except peoples wages; inflation is at zero per cent.”

Coalition Campaign Spokesperson Senator Simon Birmingham, said yet again the Leader of the Opposition has shown that he has no clue when it comes to the economy.

“Bill Shorten is trying so hard to spin a negative economic message he’s contradicting himself in his own sentences,” Senator Birmingham said.

“It’s an embarrassing gaffe from someone who wants to be the next prime minister.”

Throughout the campaign Bill Shorten has shown he’s simply just not up to the job of managing the economy and isn’t across his own policies.

“He has now failed to explain the cost of his policies on 69 occasions,” Senator Birmingham said.

“He won’t tell retirees how much he is going to rip from their pockets, he won’t tell Australians how much his housing tax will cost them and he won’t tell Australians how much he’s going to hit their superannuation.

“Now is not the time to turn back. Now is the time to ensure that we keep our economy strong because in times of global economic headwinds Australians can’t afford to be hit with Labor’s $387 billion in extra taxes which would weaken our economy.”