Labor’s candidate for Braddon, Justine Keay, has today misled voters and contradicted the Labor Party’s stated position on tax policy.

Ms Keay told a small business forum that Labor would not reverse the tax cuts that have already been legislated for Australian small and medium-sized businesses.

Ms Keay made that commitment despite Labor’s policy to reverse the legislated reduction in the tax rate for small and medium incorporated businesses to 25% by 2026–27.

“Well the legislation is already in place. So I’m interested to get some clarification from Justine on the comments that she just made that she won't be supporting, if she were the Member, any repeal of the legislation. I need some confirmation that that is the case, because my understanding is the legislation for the ta x rate for companies is already in place and legislated down to 25 per cent. There will have to be repeal of legislation. So I think we need to get some clarity on that because Justine gave a very clear view that she wouldn't be voting to repeal any legislation. But to clarify we're obviously already locked in.”

“So, the company tax cut as you will know Brett has not been passed for those businesses over 50 million turnover.”

“No, I'm talking about under 50 million, Justine.”

“Well that's in place and we will not be repealing it if those measures are implemented. “

(Source: Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry by-election forum, 23 July 2018)

If Labor wants to keep its policy of a higher 27.5% tax rate it will need to repeal the legislation already passed by parliament.

Either Justine Keay does not understand the Labor Party’s policy or she is deliberately misleading small business people in Braddon. Which is it?

Justine Keay has form when it comes to misleading the people of Braddon – she asserted that she was eligible to sit in the parliament when she was not.

It is clear that a vote for Justine Keay is a vote for Bill Shorten and his higher taxes on families, small businesses and retirees.