10 Million Reasons Bill Shorten Will Bend to Union Bosses


Figures released by the Australian Electoral Commission show 10 million reasons why Bill Shorten is beholden to his union masters.

In 2016-17, unions donated over $6 million to the ALP. In addition, they spent around $4 million on their own campaigns in support of the Labor Party.

That’s over $10 million invested by union bosses in one year, to own and control the ALP.

These figures include over $600,000 in donations to Labor from Australia’s most lawless union, the CFMEU, which currently has 77 officials before the courts and in recent years has been fined more than $13 million for breaches of industrial law.

This week Mr Shorten spoke about integrity in politics. If he wants to have any shred of credibility on this subject, he must sever ties with the CFMEU and stop taking their money.

While Kevin Rudd and Bob Hawke have both called on Mr Shorten to sever ties with the CFMEU, he is simply too weak to do so.

Last year, the CFMEU and new ACTU Secretary, Sally McManus, made it clear they don’t want to comply with the law. Their demands from Labor are clear: more power to strike; more power to run businesses and inspect their books; and more deals to entrench their money flow and power.

Under a Shorten-Labor Government, law breakers will become law makers.

The Coalition Government is standing up to bullying and intimidation from union bosses.

  • We restored the Australian Building and Construction Commission – which will protect 1.1 million construction workers and 350,000 small businesses from CFMEU thuggery.
  • We passed legislation to stop secret and corrupt payments between employers and unions.
  • We introduced a new Registered Organisations Commission to protect honest workers belonging to a union by requiring both the union and employer groups to be as transparent and accountable as companies.
  • We protected 35,000 owner operator truck drivers – mainly family businesses - by abolishing Bill Shorten’s Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, which was threatening to drive them out of business.
  • We protected 60,000 CFA volunteer firefighters from a hostile union takeover.

In each of these cases, Bill Shorten did the bidding of his union masters, putting their interests ahead of the interest of everyday Australians and our economy.

If Mr Shorten becomes Prime Minister, he will bend to the will of his union masters and all of us will pay a very high price.