Richard Alston, Federal President - Media Statement


Tony Nutt has served the Liberal Party and the nation with the utmost grace, professionalism and competence over more than three decades.

The breadth of his service has been quite extraordinary, having served three Prime Ministers and three Premiers. To each task he has brought meticulous care and attention, as well as political skills of the highest order.

One of his particular talents has been as a political problem solver, who always undertook careful research before proffering well thought out advice.

I had the pleasure of working with him when he was a crucial player in John Howard's office and he was always ready to offer sound and shrewd guidance.

Over the last twelve months we have worked closely together on a daily basis to ensure the re-election of the government.

I have always found him to be a person of the highest integrity and deeply conscious of the honour of rendering invaluable service to the nation.

His strategic insights have been extraordinarily useful and effective, while blended with an acute sense of the theatre of politics.

I fully understand his desire to move on at a time of his choosing, but his wise counsel and vast experience will be sorely missed.