Government unveils long-term commitment to science and research


The Australian Government has unveiled its new National Science Statement, which emphasises the long term importance of science to the nation’s economy and society.

The Science Statement articulates the government’s vision and objectives for Australian science, and sets principles for government policy-making in science.

It gave me great pleasure today to launch the Statement, which represents our response to requests from Australia’s science and research community for long-term thinking and commitment to science from the government.

Science underpins our innovation and productivity. It leads to improvements in all aspects of our lives–work, health, environment and society as a whole.

The government wants Australians to be engaged in and enriched by science.

We want young Australians, our workforce, businesses and employers to appreciate the value of science and the contribution it makes to many aspects of our lives.

We need to make sure we have strong scientific capability and skills, including cutting-edge scientific skills and, importantly, a broad base of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills across the workforce.

The government wants to ensure Australians can acquire the skills they need and the support they require to pursue flexible career paths.

We must also ensure these skills produce research; Australia needs high quality, world-leading research, with access to research infrastructure and connections to scientific projects around the world.

And we need to be generating new ideas and technologies, while at the same time transferring knowledge from research to end-users.

To achieve these goals, the government will act strategically and systematically; we’ll take a long term view, provide stable support, encourage collaboration and support all Australians to participate in science.

The Statement complements the work of Innovation and Science Australia, which is this year developing a long-term 2030 Strategic Plan for Innovation, Science and Research.

The National Science Statement can be accessed here.