Better and more accessible digital services


A re-elected Turnbull Coalition Government will invest in Australia’s digital services to make government more accessible.

Innovation and technology are critical to Australia’s economic transition and form an important part of our national economic plan.

Australians are strong adopters of technology and expect to be able to access government services from any location through their mobile device.

A re-elected Turnbull Government will accelerate the digitisation of government services.

We are investing $50.5 million to modernise myGov.

Millions of Australians use myGov to engage with government online across a wide range of agencies.

We will simplify and streamline the myGov login process. Australians will be able to choose their own unique username, starting with their email address.

This investment will also enable Australians to sign into participating agencies directly without having to first go through myGov.

As part of our plan to deliver better and more accessible government services, the Coalition will also:

  • Deliver a digital transformation roadmap for all major government services by November 2016
  • Establish a taskforce within the Prime Minister’s Department to reform government ICT procurement policies
  • Accelerate the release of open government data and expand the Data Start programme

As part of our commitment, we established a Digital Transformation Office in July 2015 and made innovation in government an important priority of our National Innovation and Science Agenda.

The Turnbull Government will accelerate the digital transformation of government to improve the quality and accessibility of services and lower the cost of service delivery.

Click here to view the Coalition's Policy for Better and More Accessible Digital Services.