Dob in a Dealer – Australia’s fight against ice


A new million dollar partnership between the Commonwealth Government and Crime Stoppers Australia will boost efforts to target local crooks peddling the nation’s ice scourge.

The $1 million Commonwealth Government funded Dob in a Dealer campaign will encourage communities to contact Crime Stoppers to help tackle the issue of manufacturing and distribution in their local area.

The campaigns will be rolled out to ice-stricken communities across the country, calling on residents to say enough is enough and to rid their streets, parks and neighbourhoods of criminals profiteering from the misery of ice.

Crimes relating to ice continue to be a concern for police with strong links between those who commit drug offences and those committing other violent crimes.

The National Ice Taskforce Final Report, delivered in December, identified the most important strategies to protect Australia from this devastating drug – and the violence it causes – is to disrupt supply and reduce demand.

The Report found that we can achieve this through increased international cooperation, enhanced intelligence sharing, better controls of the precursor chemicals used to make ice and greater efforts to prevent ice reaching our regional and remote communities.

But it also recognised that we have to tackle demand if our police are going to have a greater impact on supply. The biggest blow to the crooks who peddle this drug will always be to prevent people from taking it.

That is why the Commonwealth Government has made significant investments in policing our borders and our streets, and committed an additional $300 million over four years to improve treatment, after care, education, prevention, support and community engagement.

While it is critical that these efforts continue, targeted Dob in a Dealer campaigns will help ensure our communities are no longer the end-game for international drug kingpins.

These community campaigns will rely on local intelligence to undermine criminal business models operating throughout our towns and cities, which are ultimately supporting a lucrative ice market for transnational crime gangs.

We will continue these efforts because the Coalition is committed to doing all we can to help local communities clean up their own towns from the devastation of illegal drugs.

Crime Stoppers provides residents with a safe, secure and anonymous avenue to report those suspected of being involved in the manufacture or supply of ice and other illegal drugs.

If you have information about someone who is manufacturing or dealing in ice call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at