Statement from the Prime Minister


Today Brian Loughnane announced he was retiring as Federal Director of the Liberal Party.

Brian Loughnane has been an outstanding Federal Director.

His twelve years in that key role cap more than three decades of hard work, strong commitment and exceptional service to the Liberal Party.

He has served with distinction as Federal Director, State Director in Victoria and Chief of Staff to John Moore when he was Defence Minister and Industry Minister, as well as numerous other organisational roles both as a volunteer and party professional including his work as Chief of Staff to a Minister in the Kennett Government.

He also served as a Chief of Staff to Opposition Leaders, Alexander Downer and John Howard.

I thank him for that great contribution.

In particular I acknowledge his outstanding work as the Coalition’s National Campaign Director for the 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013 federal elections.

His campaign skills, astute political advice, efficient party management and wise counsel have been appreciated by every Leader he has served, including me, and by many hundreds of Parliamentarians and candidates at state and federal level, as well as our party members and supporters, and in particular the senior office bearers he has worked with on the Federal Executive.

As well as his work in Australia, he has been an important contributor to the activities of the International Democrat Union, most particularly through a very strong relationship with our sister party in Canada.

As well as a successful political career, Brian Loughnane has had a long standing association with the energy industry including working successfully in Industrial Relations with major international companies such as Shell.

Lucy and I wish Brian and his wife Peta Credlin every success in their future endeavours.