A Strong Australia

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The next Coalition government’s priority will be to build a powerhouse economy through lower taxes, more efficient government and more productive businesses that will deliver more jobs, higher wages and better services for Australian families.

During 2012, I delivered a series of landmark addresses that set out the Coalition’s plans for our country. They are plans for a better Australia by building a stronger economy, stronger communities, cleaner environment, stronger borders and more secure infrastructure.

Today I released A Strong Australia which is the foundation of a future Coalition government. It details our plans to create a diverse five pillar powerhouse economy that can create one million new jobs over the next five years – and two million new jobs over ten years.

I am confident in our plans, because I am confident in my team. Sixteen members of the Shadow Cabinet were ministers in the Howard Government.

The prosperity Australia achieved under the last Coalition government was not an aberration or a fluke. We were an effective team that put the national interest ahead of day to day politics.

I believe we can reset Australia’s course to one that sees increasing confidence, renewed productivity growth and real improvement in the wealth of households.

In the future, as in the past, the Coalition can do great things for our country.

I invite you to read A Strong Australia to understand better the plans we have to offer hope, reward and opportunity for all Australians.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Abbott
Leader of the Opposition

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Click here to download Tony’s new book as a .pdf document to view on your PC or Mac.