We have a Plan for Real Action - 2013 Election

1. Build a stronger economy

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We will build a stronger, more productive and diverse economy with lower taxes, more efficient government and more productive businesses, delivering more jobs, higher real incomes and better services for you and your family.

Economic Management

Tony Abbott and the Liberals stand for real action to end wasteful spending and real action to grow our economy. Labor, on the other hand, has turned a $20 billion surplus into record debt and has no plan to pay it back. We will continue to fight for Australian families who are paying the price for Labor's record debt with higher interest rates and rising living costs.

The importance of a responsible economic strategy

We have an economic plan for Australia – a plan to deliver a strong, prosperous economy based on the fundamental truth that the best long-term economic strategy for Australia is to get our finances in order, build a strong growth-powered economy with less debt and make Australia more productive and competitive in the global economy. Our plan will deliver more jobs, higher real wages and better living standards for all Australians.

The elements of our economic plan

  • We will live within our means, get the Budget back under control and pay back debt.

  • We will lower taxes to stimulate stronger economic growth and unleash our real economic potential.

  • We will boost productivity to secure greater prosperity and build more 21st Century infrastructure.

  • We will deepen our engagement with Asia and deliver more growth from Asia.

  • We will help small business create stronger jobs growth.

  • We will build a more diverse, world-class 5-Pillar economy that unleashes Australia’s potential.

Building a strong, productive and prosperous economy with less debt benefits everyone

We believe a strong, productive and prosperous economy, ideally free from the burdens of debt, is the basis for realising all our other goals for Australia. In fact, it provides the financial means to enable us to help those in need, particularly the disadvantaged.

A prosperous economy with less debt is the essential ingredient that allows us all to secure the aspirations we have for ourselves, our families and our country.