Media Release

Chemotherapy: Labor’s latest health crisis

Reports today indicate Labor has presided over yet another disaster in health, this time around patients requiring chemotherapy treatment at private hospitals.

Shadow Minister Peter Dutton is outraged by the latest Labor health crisis:

"Only an incompetent Government and Minister invest money into a cancer centre and then strip it of recurrent funding required to keep the chairs operational,”

"Chemo patients are under enough pressure already without this latest Gillard Government stuff up, which will hurt the most vulnerable,”

"The Government has been warned about this looking crisis and have allowed this problem to fester,”

"It shows Tanya Plibersek has zero capacity to properly manage these sensitive issues, but it is just the latest disaster in her portfolio,”

"The Minister needs to get this problem sorted before cancer patients are turned away from life saving treatment,” Mr Dutton said.

Labor’s latest disasters in health include:

-  Super clinics still not built 5 years after being first promised.

-  Attacks on private health insurance after promising the opposite at the election.

-  Failing to provide adequate intern positions driving Australian trained doctors overseas and the list goes on and on and on.