Media Release

Government Censured Over Gross Deception

"Today in the Senate I moved to censure the Government for its "gross deception of the Australian people by the introduction a carbon tax after specifically ruling it out during the election"," Senator Abetz said today.

"This is an unprecedented breach of faith with the Australian electorate."

"Prime Minister Julia Gillard, on at least two occasions before the election, explicitly ruled out introducing a carbon tax in any Government she led."

"Before the election Ms Gillard knew very well that the Australian people did not want a carbon tax. The Prime Minister knew if she'd taken a carbon tax to the election she would have lost and Tony Abbott would be Prime Minister today," Senator Abetz said."

"Put simply, Labor shamelessly lied to the Australian people just to win an election and all Australians should feel aggrieved by this act of gross betrayal."

"In defending this betrayal in the Senate this afternoon, the best the Leader of the Government in Senate, Chris Evans could come up with was - "We had an election and you lost!"

"Australians will be horrified by Labor's breathtaking arrogance which says we won, you lost so we can now break our promises," Senator Abetz said.

"Labor's job destroying carbon tax will be a tax on every aspect of life as we know it," Senator Abetz said.

"Electricity costs will go up, manufacturing costs will go up, grocery prices will go up, petrol prices will go up, cost of living will go up and thousands of jobs lost because Labor's crippling tax will have priced Australian industry out of the market overseas."

"Overseas companies are rubbing their hands together in anticipation of being able to fill the gap left by Labor and its Green Alliance partners who are hell bent on a plan which would destroy jobs and see Australian industry being priced out of the world market."

"A Labor/Green carbon tax will lead to increased production by the heavy polluters in overseas countries such as China, India, Brazil and Russia wanting to fill the gap left by Australia - resulting in even more damage to the environment."

"Only days after Julia Gillard and Bob Brown's grand announcement, we see that the Labor/Green Alliance plan is already unravelling," Senator Abetz said.

"There is open warfare and dissent amongst Labor's ranks and arguments between Labor, the Greens and the Independents about what's in and what's out."

"Australians should rightly ask how it is that just two Members of the House of Representatives and five Senators can dictate the Nation's policies."

"Clearly the Green tail which wagged Labor's dog has now morphed into a backbone and a skeleton that's taken absolute control of this Government despite the overwhelming will of the Australian people," Senator Abetz said.